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Who We Are

Outerland is a team of dedicated outdoor professionals committed to cultivating landscapes with care. With our commitment to delivering on an exceptional level of service, we are intensely focused on assembling good people who can come together to provide an experience for our clients that is thoughtful, curated, and above all a lasting partnership.

The Salty Gardener Blog

The Salty Gardener is Outerland’s blog, where we opine on the art of landscaping, fine gardening, and hardscaping through the unique lens of Cape Cod’s distinctive natural beauty and challenges. It is our space to share our advice, learnings, and insights into enhancing outdoor spaces at the intersection of style and sustainability, as learned from three decades spent on this amazing glacial moraine we get to call home.


We’re always looking for those that appreciate quality, details, and hard work, and are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. If you’re eager to put your experience and motivation to use in landscape design, installation, and property maintenance, let’s chat!

The Outerland Team

Our team brings together dedicated landscape design, maintenance, property management, and garden specialists with more than three decades of local experience. We value hard work, personalized care, and the unique ways that outdoor spaces frame our days.

Meet the Team

It takes a great team to get great results. Meet the experts that improve, enhance, and maintain our local landscapes.

Andrew Bradley

Ben Curtis

Myrton Powell

Justin Lyon

Dakota Eaton

Conor Dahlen

Robert Peguero

Jerry Wilson

Chris Richards

Robbie Verville

Harrison Ingham

Chris Warden

Caleb Simms

Brent Totman

Scott Honan

Brandon Pedraza

Chris Robinson

David Marruquin Soliz

Jimmy Kelley

John Pittman

Jose Espinal

Norman Silva

Ryan Falconer

Ryan Pennington

Tim Rounds Sr.

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