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What is Outerland?

Outerland is a team of dedicated outdoor professionals committed to delivering a high standard of service, through our focus on the client experience.


The space we operate in is busy with players of all sizes with varying definitions of landscaping quality – we define success on a different basis. We stand apart by prioritizing what is routinely considered secondary to the service provided. We focus on people first, our clients and our employees, the experiences of both, and consistently deliver at a high level.


Outerland is committed to cultivating landscapes with care. We start by prioritizing the care of our team—nurturing their growth and nourishing their aspirations. After all, happy, fulfilled, people are the true source, and direct result of, great service. With this always in mind, our behaviors reflect this priority. We focus on assembling good people who come together as a team to provide an unrivaled experience for our clients every time, because we know that experience is everything.

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